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24 Ways to Add Value to Your House Now

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So you have some money you want to invest in your home to add equity or just to change things up. Here are some ideas of things to do based on your budget:


- Paint a Room

- Replace a sink faucet

- Add crown molding to kitchen cabinets or to a room

- Change the knobs on cabinets

- Replace the blinds in a room or add window treatments

- Add decorative wood trim to make a feature wall


- Add a tile backsplash to the kitchen

- Replace an overhead light

- Install some modern technology like a Ring doorbell or Nest thermostat

- Replace contractor grade bathroom mirrors

- Replace the front door


- Replace one or two kitchen appliances (For about $2,000-3,000 you can replace all of the appliances. TIP: shop on Black Friday there are usually awesome deals to be had)

- Update the landscaping outside


- Change the Kitchen Countertops to a Solid Surface

- Remodel a bathroom

- Repaint the outside of the house


- Remodel the Kitchen

- Replace the floors throughout the house to a consistent, modern material

- Get a new roof

- Replace the windows in the house

Please note: each of the above are estimates and can fluctuate based on the material chosen, the amount of material needed, and the cost of the labor to install.

Even if you don't have any money to spend on your home right now, here are some free things you can do. They only cost you time.

- Clean up landscaping - remove weeds and dead plants or leaves

- Split plants (bulbs/tubers) and replant them - this will double the size of your garden

- Deep clean areas you have avoided - remove the grease stains from above the stove, clean the corners of the bathrooms

- Complete any maintenance around the house you have been putting off - re-caulk the tub, touch up paint, remove dust from the AC vents

We want to be a resource to you. If you are thinking about doing any projects around the house and want a professional opinion regarding what will give the best bang for your buck and appeal to the masses at resale time, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help, even if you have no plans of selling or moving any time in the near future.


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