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Florida Offers $15,000 Towards Closing and Down Payment

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

There is some really exciting news in Florida real estate! A few weeks ago, Florida Housing Department announced that they are releasing a grant that gives home buyers in Osceola county and a few others $15,000 to use towards closing costs or down payments. Here are a few of the requirements to qualify for the $15,000 grant:

* Property being bought must be your primary residence

* You must live in that property for five years

* Property must be in Osceola county (or four other counties throughout the state)

So who doesn't want free money to help out when buying your biggest asset!?! There is a set amount of money for these grants and it isn't expected to last much past Summer. Contact us below for additional details and to see if you qualify.

Contact Us for Details on the $15,000 Florida Grant!

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