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Psyche of Selling Your Home

Keep accessories to a minimum and don't have family photos out

When getting ready to sell your home, it is vital to mentally prepare yourself for moving on to the future. This will help in many ways. It is important to celebrate all the many memories that happened in what was your home, but also start to look forward to the future. Once you prepare to sell a home, it is no longer your home, but a model house for sale.

When selling a home, you hear all the time that you should depersonalize the space. It is so true. The moment that a buyer sees who is already living here, it is hard to picture themselves in that same space. This means to remove all family pictures, kid's artwork, and other precious memories you treasure. Smaller picture frames and fridge art can be packed. Larger pictures can be replaced by pictures from in expensive calendars. Even larger pictures can be replaced by mirrors or other art work. It doesn't have to be for long, just from the time listing pictures are taken until there is a contract on the home. But once that happens why change it back? You will be getting ready to move, and that is the whole point of this process... moving on to the future.

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