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What's So Great About Living in Orlando Area

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We are so happy that we moved to Florida. Here are some reasons we like Florida so much and what attracted us to Orlando.

1) Warm Weather - The hot summers don't bother us and out way the cold, snowy weather we get to skip. Being able to wear flip flops and shorts almost year-round is wonderful!

2) Things to Do - Living in the Orlando area, there are so many things to do. We have nature trails all around, lakes to boat on. Although central Florida is pretty flat, if we want to feel of hills, just go to Groveland and drive around. Orlando is of course full of tourist attractions. There is Disney, Universal Studios, Legoland, Sea World, Busch Gardens. That alone would take you days to visit. Because of all the tourists Orlando area is full of other things to do too... Things like escape rooms, museums, smaller amusement parks, go kart places, and so much more. Many of these offer discounts to Florida residents. The smaller, lesser known things to do often have groupons too. And don't forget all the fantastic eating that can be done with the plethora of restaurants.

3) Close to the Beach - Where we are in Saint Cloud, we have an East coast beach one hour away and West coast beach about two hours away. Both of these make day trips to the beach super easy. Plus we know and get to go to local beaches instead of the more busy, touristy beaches.

4) Watching Spaceships - This may be one of the coolest parts of living in the Orlando area. We have Kennedy Space Center just a couple of hours away. We can see all of their launches from our own backyard. I just love watching the ball of fire go up in the air!

There are so many other things I can think of that make living in the Orlando area great. Let's not forget access to cruises with Florida resident rates, swimming in the pool year round, and more.

If you have had any thoughts of moving, please feel free to reach out. We are here to educate. What questions do you have about the area?

And if you are from here or have visited here, what are your favorite things to do in Orlando?

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