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What Sets Our Real Estate Apart

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I wanted to talk to you today about some stunning facts that I have heard this week. 49% of all agents that hold a license nationwide have not sold a single house this year. 24% of agents that have a license and have not sold or have only sold one to three houses this year. That means 73% of real estate agents that hold a license have not sold more than three houses this year.

So, I started looking at what we have been doing that is different. Peter and I have sold 10 houses so far this year. That is the number of houses we sold in all of 2020. Already in five months we have met that and got another house under contract yesterday so we will certainly exceed that. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk through what makes us so different.

So first off, this is a career for us so this is our full-time job. Although it is our business, it is something we are passionate about. The second thing is we are very adamant about living a life of honesty. We look to do the right thing for all parties. We look out for our own clients, but we also lookout for what we think would be best for the seller, too. We want to look from the perspective of giving our highest and best offers when we are working with buyers so we present them exactly what we think would get them the house and still be fair to sellers. We want to try to meet what the seller is looking for when we are working with the buyer or meet what the buyer is looking for when working with the seller. We want to make sure that we’re dealing with them fairly, getting our clients the highest net, but also dealing with what is most likely to close. We don’t mess around when we are with buyers. We submit our highest and best. When we are dealing with sellers, if we get a good deal, we talk through it with our clients to know what makes sense. There are a lot of agents that are calling for the highest and best. While that is a good tactic, and we use it occasionally, we don’t always use it. We look at each situation individually and determine what makes the most sense for that seller. Sometimes just being done showing houses is a good thing. There are things we can do within the situation and within the listing to make the offer the best for our sellers.

Some statistics for you that set us apart. I have a background of 20 years in marketing and Peter has a background of 20 years in sales, so together we are a pretty strong powerhouse. I know how to get the word out and Peter knows how to negotiate. So for our sellers so far both in 2020 and 2021 our average days on the market is 7 compared to the area average of 50 days. We sell our houses faster. We use a 15-point marketing plan to help blitz the market with our listings. We get the highest exposure we can. Our marketing plan includes us paying for advertising and professional photography. We put our best foot forward as fast as we can for our sellers to drive the interest up as much as possible.

For buyers, we negotiate deals based on the market rate. So far in 2021, it is a crazy market and a seller’s market at that. Just in 2021 for our buyers, we have been able to negotiate amazing things for our buyers.

They include:

-Two brand new roofs put on houses

-$24,100 in closing costs and seller’s concessions

-$15,000 in first time home buyer down payment assistance

-Contracts accepted on USDA and multiple FHA loans

-$24,900 off of the sale price (not based on an appraisal but on our own negotiation). \

This is across multiple buyers we have worked with but it is possible. We get what is right for the clients, what is fair for both sides, and make a deal happen. The houses we get under contract... they close. We try to be fair, honest people to work with.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. This is our passion! We love what we do and we love working with our clients. I love that yesterday I took a client out to go look at houses and my youngest daughter came along. Not because she had to, but because they had their daughter there too and they’re the same age. It was fantastic to be able to have my daughter make new friends with our client’s child. That’s how we see our business.

I hope you find this helpful. If there is anything that we can do to help you, please let us know. We are here to educate and serve.

Peter + Traci Prantner

Inventure Group Realty

Orlando, Florida Real Estate Experts

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