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Why Use Peter & Traci

Peter & Traci are honest, hard-working real estate agents that want nothing better than to develop trust with their clients and provide excellence of service when helping others buy and sell real estate in the Central Florida area.

Some of our successes include:

  • Before Peter and Traci were Realtors®, they sold their own house in one day.  Read about it here.

  • Buyer was one of 5 offers given the first day on the market and by listening to our advice, their contract was strong enough to be chosen as best.

  • Buyer lives in New York and was looking to buy their first home.  They couldn't travel to the area, so we provided them with video tours of their options.  They bought the property sight unseen, but love it.

  • Seller lives outside of state and wanted to sell their second home.  It had been rented and needed repairs and deep cleaning.  We made arrangements with local companies to clean up the place and offered our own time to make sure the house was listing ready.  It was listed and under contract in only a few days.

  • Buyer had been looking at over 100 houses with another agent.  They called us frustrated and after going out just a couple of times with us they found the home they wanted to buy and bought it.

  • Seller listed their home with another agent.  It received a contract but after multiple delays the contract didn't close.  They called us frustrated.  We listed the house and within one day had an offer above asking price.  It closed in less than one month.

  • Buyer was looking for an investment property.  Within one hour of the house being listed we showed them the property and within a few hours they were under contract.

  • Seller needed to move out of state and had to sell during the pandemic.  During statewide shelter in place order the house was listed and under contract within a few days.

  • Buyer had been looking at an area on the other side of town over an hour from where we live.  Everyone had just gotten home from a day of looking at possible houses.  A new house came on the market that was exactly what they wanted.  We hopped back in our car after being home less than an hour, drove over an hour to get to the newly listed house, showed the buyer the house and it truly was exactly what they wanted. They wrote an offer and got it.

For more details about our background check out our About Us page.

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