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Peter & Traci are honest, hard-working real estate agents based in St Cloud, Florida.  We want nothing better than to develop trust with our clients and provide excellence of service when helping others buy and sell real estate in the Central Florida area.

Peter Prantner
Principal Real Estate Advisor

m: (703) 628-5537

I have been in sales all my life and I have realized there are a lot of people that care about a dollar over people’s needs. The value of a dollar is not necessarily tied to what you receive but what you save. I love talking to others about their dreams and what they want because sometimes it is easy to put myself in their shoes and get excited for them to realize some of those dreams. I know this is a job and I want to make money to survive but I am also here to help you start unlocking those dreams that you have. I strive to be honest with integrity and serve my clients wisely and skillfully. There is the sense that real estate is a very untrustworthy profession and if that is the case know that I love bucking trends and proving people wrong when it comes to that sentiment.  I live in St Cloud with my wife and business partner,

Traci, along with our children.


Traci Prantner
Principal Real Estate Advisor

m: (321) 247-0856

I have spent the last twenty plus years in marketing and customer service.  While in marketing I have been responsible for encouraging donors to reach into their pockets and donate over $20 million dollars annually across multiple national non-profits. My goal has always been to answer the unasked questions, this way clients get what they need and understand the process they are going through.  I pride myself in being ready for every situation that may come and having at my finger tips what is needed.  It makes me happy when I can pull out of my Mary Poppins' bag whatever may be needed at any given moment, whether that is an information sheet, a blog with tips on how to handle a certain situation, a trusted vendor partner to meet a client's needs, or a touch base phone call with a client answering their concerns before they even knew it was concerned. I live with my husband and business partner,

Peter, and our children in St Cloud, Florida.

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