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The Best $200 I Ever Spent!

We had clients close on a house this week and in talking about their movers it reminded me of a brilliant decision we have made a couple of times now. You see in our marriage we have made two moves to cities where we knew no more than two people. Both times where we were responsible for the cost of the move and opted to rent a truck to move own stuff. The first one was with our oldest child when she was a three week old baby. (Yes, I know crazy!!! Talk about a lot of stress! Two new jobs, a new baby, sold and bought a home. But that is another story for another day!)

It was that first move that we realized rental truck companies partner with local movers. We could hire movers for just a couple of hours to unload all our Earthly goods. We decided to use them to pack our truck so that we didn’t have to worry about it with the new baby. Wow it was truly the best $200 that we have ever spent. The movers were fantastic. We got two movers for two hours and it was worth EVERY PENNY! They had everything packed up in no time. And everything arrived safely at our new destination.

The second time we used this service, we were moving from Virginia to Florida. We had friends help us pack up our truck, but since we didn’t know anyone in Florida (literally NO ONE! NOT A SINGLE SOUL!) we hired movers to unpack the truck. Again these guys were amazing! They were a little late, but told us ahead of time with excellent communication. To make it up, they were done early. They even moved some HEAVY furniture the previous owners had left us. Again this was such a good investment. They unloaded the truck way faster than we ever could have been able to and saved us all the aches and pains of moving.

I have recommended this service to two other people moving to new cities in new states and they too said it was SOOOO worth the money. And tip, you don’t have to rent a truck from the company to use their movers! I would even consider using this service if I were moving locally. It was wonderful and such a great use of our dollar!

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Ginger Duncan Walls
Ginger Duncan Walls
06 de abr. de 2019

Yes! We did this too thanks to your advice. The best money we spent for sure.

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