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Core Values - Part 2 - Authentic

Last week we introduced the core values for Wise-Prantner Group. This week we start a series taking a deeper dive into those #corevalues.

This week we explore #authentic.

We want our agents to be their true selves; the person God made them to be. There are so many real estate agents in this industry that want be something they are not naturally: sales person, friend to everyone, networker, business executive, outgoing, less outgoing, proper, fake. While there is a level of decorum that is needed as an agent, it doesn't mean you need to be someone you are not. We find that when agents take on a persona that is not genuine you can see the fakeness a million miles away.

We want to use the strengths that we naturally have to be the best version of ourselves and to use them to best serve our clients. Because we are a team, we can rely on others on the team to compliment our personal weaknesses. We know that clients and others we interact with can see fake. They can also tell when we are truly being authentic. We feel strongly that it is important to be authentic and when matched with the other core values of #Honesty, #Generosity, #Excellence, #Ownership, #Humility we have a very well rounded agent that is ready to truly serve their clients and be good human beings.

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