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  • Traci Prantner

Core Values - Part 6 - Ownership

Continuing our series on the #corevalues of Wise-Prantner Group. This week we want to talk about #ownership

We want the agents on our team to recognize they are owners of their own business and also realize the valuable role they play in the team as a whole. Because we are like a family, we encourage each of them to identify a need within the group and a strength they have to compliment that need. This allows them to not only have ownership within their own real estate business but also within the team as a whole. We want them to feel like such a vital part of the team, as if they were running the team it themselves. It creates an amazing culture full of talented people, making smart choices, and doing what is best not only for their client, but also for the team as a whole.

When #Ownership is combined with our other core values of #Authentic, #Honesty, #Generosity, #Excellence, #Humility the culture of the team is hard to beat.

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