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Pros and Cons of an HOA - A Realtor & Homeowner's Perspective

Today I want to talk about the pros and cons of an HOA. As we have work with more clients from out of town, I reflect back on when we had an HOA versus when we did not. Most Florida homes have an HOA or Homeowners Association. One of the biggest cons of an HOA is that you are limited to specific bylaws, rules, and regulations like things you can’t park at your house or in your driveways such as a boat, RV, or commercial vehicle. Some HOA’s only allow certain types of fences or animals. On the flip side, it keeps the neighborhood uniform so paint can’t paint their houses pink or purple and can’t put fences in their front yard. These rules help keep the value of the house. It also helps with regulating common areas.

When we lived in Virginia, we lived in a neighborhood that did not have a homeowner’s association. It was very unusual to have an HOA in that area. We had a drive run into the marquis sign at the front of our neighborhood and ruined the sign. Well, we didn’t have a homeowner’s association to tell that would fix it so without someone stepping up and collecting the money the sign would stay broken forever. So, Peter decided to go to all of the neighbors and get $25 and ordered the signed to be able to fix it. If we had had a homeowner’s association they would have hopped in and gotten it fixed immediately because they would have had a reserve and had it replaced.

So HOA’s can keep you limited to what you can do, but they have their place too. They certainly help with home values. So maybe you lose some freedom, but your neighbors do too. I’ve always said as long as you do things tastefully, you’re going to be able to do what you want within a homeowners association. You will have limitations but usually, you can find something you can live with. So, I hope you find this valuable. If you have questions about the central Florida area feel free to reach out to me or Peter. We are here to help and educate!


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